Parking access

Get more information about the parking access below.


Dear customers, the access to the
outdoor parking is temporarily restricted.
You can use the underground parking.


How to access the parking:

There are three ways to access the parking:

  1. Free of charge with your annual membership card.
  2. Free of charge for parents of children with special needs
  3. With paid access – The initial fee is 2 BGN, and an additional 2 BGN fee is charged for each hour started. First 15 minutes are free of charge.

Dear customers, whether you are using paid or free parking, please DO NOT park in spaces that have signs displaying names/numbers of cars, as these spaces are rented by tenants in the building. Thank you for your understanding!

For instructions on access use the provided buttons below.

For customers with annual membership card:

  • Go to through your phone
  • Select the “LOGIN” button from the dropdown menu.
  • Log in to your profile.
  • Choose “MY SUBSCRIPTION” from the dropdown menu.
  • Scan the code using the reader located below the instructions described on the barrier.

For parents of children with special needs:

Parents of children with special needs can also access the parking area for free. To do so, they should press the button on the barrier, which will connect them with the security personnel. They need to inform the security about their child’s training and the child’s trainer. After verification, the security will lift the barrier to grant them access to the parking at no cost.

1.  Tap or scan the QR code

2. Insert car number or your name and press the submit button.

3. A code will display on your screen. Scan the code on the reader below the instructions on the barrier.

The code is valid for 15 minutes, which is the same duration as the free parking period. Before leaving the climbing gym, any customer who used the paid parking option must visit the reception to pay the parking fee. The initial fee is 2 BGN, and an additional 2 BGN fee is charged for each hour started. Once you receive the receipt, it will have a barcode that you need to scan on the reader to lift the barrier.