“Routesetting” is the term describing the art of putting holds on the wall in a specific manner so that they create a challenging yet rewarding customer experience to the climbers in a climbing gym and correspond to a specific difficulty level. In fact, it’s a lot more than just throwing a bunch of glowing plastic on the wall. Routesetters, or “setters” to shorten are the people who perform the setting of routes.

The routes are a primary part of the service that the climbing gym offers and our focus is to always offer diverse, challenging yet achievable routes that cater to all skill levels – from absolute beginners to Jedi-climbers, so that everyone can have a pleasant and fulfilling training. To achieve that we work with setters that are a part of the full-time gym staff as well as guest-setters who bring an additional variety and creativity to the routes. The routesetting is a type of creative process and just as every artist has their own distinctive style, a similar correlation can be found in the routes by a certain setter – no matter if they are in the 5a or 7c grade. That’s why it’s important for us to work with a wide range of routesetting “artists” who will provide a miscellaneous climbing experience for all customers.

Apart from a skilled team, good routesetting requires consumables – holds and volumes – that should be high quality and diverse. We work closely with holds and volumes manufacturers and have access to the latest models by some of the world’s top brands like Kilter, So iLL, Kingdom, Aix, Expression, Art Line, Ibex, HoldZ, HRT, Kitka and more.