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1. Since when do you climb?
Since 1998.

2. How did you get into climbing?
Friends took me to the gym, back then none of us were climbers, and at first it seemed very easy, but after the first attempt to climb I realized that I need to have a lot of skills and knowledge. In the following months, my friends and I spent many hours talking about climbing. And so to this day. 🙂

3. What does climbing bring you?
Positive emotions, adrenaline, good physical tonus, many details and nuances in self-knowledge and self-improvement, countless happy and funny moments with friends.

4. How is climbing different from other sports for you?
For me personally, it is the only sport I’ve wanted to do for so many years now… A sport with extremely complex technical skills that require versatile physical and mental trainin. A sport in which there is a lot of variability, combinability and improvisation, and practically no movements that are being repeated. It all depends on you and the ability to make the right decisions in a split second as you climb. A big dose of adrenaline and the eternal desire to be a little better next time.

5. What is your favorite discipline and why?
No matter what is the type climbing, it is always climbing. Each discipline is interesting and has its challenges.

6. What would you say to a person entering a climbing gym for the first time?
To follow safety rules, to be reasonable and patient. Everyone manages to learn how to climb at some point.

Photo: Evelin Georgieva