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How did you get into climbing?
It was an accident. One day a friend of mine invited me to climb together. It was a bit difficult, but the experience was pleasant and of course, I had a muscle fever after that. Later I started a climbing course for beginners and I joined the university climbing team which helped me a lot with the big step of going from school to university and all the responsibilities that came with it.

When did you start to climb? 
I passed the course in 2016 and after that, in 2018 I started to climb more active.

What does climbing give you? 
I love that when I climb I don’t think about any side or daily problems. I forget everything else and I stay focused only on one thing.

What new did you find in this sport and what does it learned you?  
It taught me to be more careful (she smiles). I found out that I could do things that seemed very far from my abilities – physically and mentally.

What other activities do you take? 
I surf, snowboard, and sometimes I ride a bike.

What’s the main difference between climbing and every other sport that you have practiced? 
Mostly with the mental game. Sometimes when it gets hard, no matter how fun it is most of the time, I want to quit and not do it, but this is only sometimes.

Which’s your favorite climbing discipline? 
Lead, because it takes more time. It combines many things, and it makes me focus mentally. The high is the key, it gives me more enthusiasm to climb to the top of the wall.

How would you introduce the sport to someone who has no idea what is all about? 
This sport has its specifics which makes it really responsible. You need a lot of technic and strength, which comes with time. If the person is permanent and responsible everything becomes very fun and it brings you joy.

Photo: Yane Golev