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“I have been in love with the mountains since I was a child and I’ve always wanted to climb. I had the opportunity to come across climbing only when I became a student – in 2002. Climbing immediately became a passion that took me to different and interesting places and made me immerse myself in all its diverse disciplines – sport climbing, mountaineering, deep-water soloing, bouldering, ice climbing, and mixed climbing. In 2017, I turned my passion into a profession – I work as a mountaineering and hiking guide.

In my work I like to help people reach the limits of their abilities and surpass them, to discover the magic called climbing, to conquer it, and to give themselves completely to it. With climbing shoes, crampons, sneakers, or barefoot – this sport has the ability to recharge you, it is highly addictive, and stimulates the desire for continuous improvement.

Climbing in climbing gyms is a great start – it gives us the opportunity to meet the sport in a comfortable environment, to train and upgrade our skills when we can not climb on rocks. The gym is the place where we can easily understand how strong we are, how much we can rely on our bodies. The place where we can spend an hour or two every day to become even stronger, more technical, more confident, and better. So when we go out on the real rocks, we can fully immerse ourselves in the magic called climbing. “