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Since when do you climb?
Since 2013.

How did you get into climbing?
Quite by accident (if there are random things). I just tried. I overcame all my fears and prejudices and went to the NSA gym. And from then until today I have not stopped climbing and looking for challenges. It just caught me and hasn’t let me go yet.

What does climbing bring you?
It satisfies my need for dynamics in everyday life. It gives me SENSE, a sense of freedom and emotions, a lot of emotions. From laughter and euphoria to anger and tears. It helps me challenge and overcome myself.

How is climbing different from other sports?
There is magic in it … It’s like a drug. Once it catches you, there is no release.

What is your favorite discipline and why?
Difficulty. “The hard road leads to beautiful places.”

What would you say to a person entering the climbing gym for the first time?
To just try it …..