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Since when do you climb?
Since 1997.

2. How did you get into climbing?
One night I happened to be at a lecture of club “Extreme.” Kiril Rusev spoke about conquering mountains, about the seekers of crystals in the Alps, about courage and fear, about the ego and the mountain. When I left, I had already decided. The next day I bought a harness and climbing shoes without ever climbing before.

What does climbing bring you?
Joy, passion and motivation.

How is climbing different from other sports for you?
Climbing is a combination of qualities: strength, courage, flexibility, dynamics of movements. It involves a very accurate assessment of both your own capabilities and the dangers in the mountains. Features of the route we have chosen to climb – necessary equipment, approach, difficulty, ways to descend, etc. And of course, the most important thing. The partner. Our connection.

What is your favorite discipline and why?
I have practiced all kinds of climbing and mountaineering. Each of them is my favorite with its specifics and difficulties. For many years I liked mostly the long alpine routes of Vratsa and Rila. I have climbed large walls in the high mountains – the second Bulgarian ascent of the Philipp-Flamm route along the 1200-meter northern wall of Civetta in the Dolomites with a final on the tour of Comici; the wall of Tau peak (4300 m.) in the Bezengi region, Caucasus; the northern wall of Pizza Badile in Switzerland on Cassin Route. I have also participated in many ice climbing competitions and national rock climbing championships.

What would you say to a person entering a climbing gym for the first time?
I envy them. A new world full of climbing holds, boulders, routes, emotions and new friends. Handling inventory is as important as physical preparation. Do not neglect any detail. Climbing is a wonderful sport, but there is no room to make mistakes.

Photo: Evelin Georgieva