Climbing, entertaining and educational activities for kids from Monday to Friday.
The day camp will start again in 2022.

За Walltopia Day Camp

Summer vacation is almost here for many, which means that we at Walltopia Climbing Center have prepared a great Summer Day Camp. We combine many outdoor activities, sports, great games, interactive educational program and of course climbing to make your child’s vacation fun and beneficial. We work to make children happy, healthy and smiling and to guarantee them an unforgettable summer filled with adventures. WALLTOPIA DAY CAMP is suitable for children from 5 to 12 years.

What are the activities?


A workshop in the world of soap bubbles! Making soap can be an exciting hobby or profession. A pleasant activity for your children, where they will learn to combine scents, colors and will be the little designers of their soaps.

for kids

Climbing is a very natural way for children to move, and along with crawling, children learn to climb in their first years. Our daily activities include climbing on autobelays on the high walls, bouder climbing classes and mastering knots.

Visits to museums

Every week we will take the little Waltopians to a museum. Visits to Muzeiko, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Polytechnic Museum, the Museum of the Earth and the People are planned.

"Time for heroes"

Reading, telling and listening to familiar and unfamiliar tales, playing fairy tales and transforming into favorite fairy tale characters, getting acquainted with the biographies of famous people from the field of literature, art, sports and politics.

Topic for
the day

For the theme of the day, different topics will be discussed with the children every day. We will talk about topics depending on the day, if there is any historical event in it. We will encourage children to suggest topics and discuss them.


Modeling with plasticine, drawing ceramic figures, painting, making clay figures and others.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) programs stimulate both brain activity and muscle activity. These programs are tailored to the equipment in Walltopia Climbing Center, helping children experiment and learn in a new and fun way.

Culinary Academy

Making culinary art, pizza, pastries, sandwiches, creams and others.

Как протича един типичен ден от Walltopia Day Camp?

Седмично меню

How much does it cost?

Price for 1 day 41 BGN
Weekly package (5 consequent days) 184 BGN
Monthly package ((4 consequent weeks) 738 BGN
Lunch + Afternoon snack 12 BGN
Food menu for 1 week 60 BGN
Discount: 15% for a second child from one family (it is not applicable for the lunch menu)

How to sign
up my kid?

You can reserve a spot for the Day Camp via:

  • online reservation
  • phone: 088 8038835

To guarantee your reservation, it must be paid in advance on the spot, through or by bank transfer.

Important Info

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