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1. Tell us more about yourself.
I am currently graduating from the Medical University – Sofia, while managing to apply my knowledge and potential to children with different educational needs in my work as an occupational therapist in the Association “Autism Today” and Walltopia Climbing Center. I came into this field because I wanted to do something that would be useful to society. Often children with aut
ism are neglected and overlooked with various epithets, which is unfortunate because they are unique, powerful and good.

2. When and how did you discover climbing as a therapeutic tool?
I started my work at Walltopia Climbing Center as an occupational therapist for children with SEN about a year ago, but during my studies, I read articles and research conducted mainly in Western countries on the impact of various sports such as climbing, horseback riding and swimming on the motor development of children with autism.
In this regard, I came across various online courses and modern “webinars”, which enriched my knowledge of the real benefits of climbing. I was very impressed with this type of therapy and I am glad that at the moment I have the incredible opportunity to apply it.

3. What is Occupational Therapy?
In Bulgaria, unfortunately, Occupational Therapy is not as widespread as a profession, and it provides support and knowledge in important for children and adults skills related to the development of their independence and autonomy. Occupational therapy, in itself, reflects the interaction between personality, environment and action and thus fulfills its main goal – to allow people to participate freely in the activities of their daily lives, improving their health and well-being.