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Walltopia Climbing Center is the tallest climbing gym in Bulgaria. The walls reach up to 19 meters at their highest point, and the total climbing area of the facility exceeds 1950 square meters.

Within the center, you’ll discover three high walls zones, covering a total of 1455 square meters of climbing space. The facility offers more than 140 routes,  suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers.

The remaining 500 square meters of climbing area are dedicated to bouldering. Each week, our experienced route setters replace one sector with 20 new boulder problems, ensuring a fresh and challenging experience for climbers.

Walltopia Climbing Center is an excellent choice for your team-building event. Each program is individually prepared by Georgi Andonov, who will tailor it to all participants skill levels. The team-building activities include various exercises for different teams, such as climbing, slacklining (walking on a rope), solving puzzles, logical games, and many more.

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