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Tuesday and Friday 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Does it seem that climbing a boulder is a child’s play when you watch a skinny lady attempt it but when you try it takes tremendous effort and power and it just doesn’t happen? And she just looked like gravity was not working for her?! Well, let us tell you – it’s not all about power. You may need to work on your climbing technique and master specific moves, you need to learn how to use the center of gravity of your own body. Balance, coordination and using gravity at your advantage are key skills in climbing and often much more important for the successful climb of a route than power and muscles. In brief: we’ll help you come to terms with gravity.

The focus of this course is mastering boulder-specific climbing techniques. You’ll learn how to “read” and visualize boulders and will train specific movements working on improving the overall balance, coordination, flexibility and dynamics.

If you already have the basic climbing skills on beginner routes but you want to advance and improve your climbing technique, this is the right course for you.

The course include 8 guided sessions over a month. The classes take place on Tuesday and Friday. All you need for bouldering is a pair of climbing shoes. If you don’t have your own, you can rent climbing shoes at the gym. Each participant gets a 20% one-time discount on memberships after the end of the course.

Enrollment is on-site or by purchasing the course online. You need to pay the amount for the course in advance – to keep your place

For more information, call 088 803 8835 or email us.

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Boulder Climbing Course