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Before climbing, every participant must sign a
liability waiver in order to climb in our facility.


the climbing gym

Walltopia Climbing Center impresses with its design, space, and innovative route management system (e-walls).

With its 1955 square meters of climbing area, this is the highest climbing gyml in Bulgaria. The main focus is on the high walls (1455 square meters), with wall heights ranging from 13 to 19 meters in the highest part of the hall, while the Boulder zone covers 500 square meters of climbing area.

The training zone is equipped with a campus board, hangboard, moonboard, system board, track, and parallel bars, as well as some other equipment.

The facility offers natural light and ample space. We work with an incredible team of instructors that you can hire for training sessions. We also provide rental equipment, which is washed and disinfected daily. For your convenience, we have lockers and showers for a pleasant continuation of your day after the session.


Climbing area


Rope climbing walls


Boulder area


Climbing lines

Route setting

Route setting is what makes or breaks a gym, so we take it very seriously.

That is why our team works very hard to provide new routes every 2 weeks. The setters are some of the best that Bulgaria offers. Moreover, a few times a year we have international setters coming to offer new experiences. Working very close with volumes and holds manufacturers, we have access to the best and latest sets from all over the world.

Walltopia Climbing Center is home of the tallest indoor climbing wall in Bulgaria.


Boulder problems


Climbing lines


Top rope routes


Auto belay


Climbing is a fun, yet a tricky sport and might cause some injuries when not practiced in a safe environment. This is why our gym is equipped with the most advanced safety equipment available.


One More Life

One More Life is innovative flooring solution for indoor top-rope and lead climbing walls that prevents severe injuries or death in the event of a fall from up to 16.5m / 54ft. Our gym is equipped with such flooring in Atrium 3.

Boulder mats

The boulder area is covered with 40 cm boulder mat from Climbmat, developed and tested according international safety standards (AS 2316.1; NF P90-311, EN 12572-2) and provides safety falling from height of up to 4,5 meters.

Rope wall mats

Our rope wall mats feature a thick layer of polyurethane foam in a combination of a closed cell carpet bonded foam. They provide good protection for falls of up to 3 m.



OnBelay is air over hydraulic hydro-pneumatic automatic belay device that eliminates the need of a belayer. The device automatically retracts the cable during ascend and controls the speed during descend or in the event of a fall.

Belay sensor

The Belay Sensor is a safety system for climbing walls. It activates and rings a loud alarm whenever someone not attached to a belay device starts climbing. The sensors are located at the height equal to the first quickdraw i.e. 3 meters. This way the gym staff can quickly spot the climber and help him/her get down safely. Or even better – they usually realize what’s wrong and are low enough to be able to down climb themselves.

E-walls is our app for route selection for climbers, using our e-walls LED system. It allows the climber to browse routes, switch them on and off or rate and comment routes.

Download it now.

E-walls is our app for route selection for climbers, using our e-walls LED system. It allows the climber to browse routes, switch them on and off or rate and comment routes.
Download it now.

First visit @ Walltopia Climbing Gym


Sign the waiver

Before climbing, every participant must sign a liability waiver in order to climb in our facility.

Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent or court-appointed legal guardian sign for them.


Get orientated

Walltopia Climbing Center has 18 auto belays, bouldering areas (where you don’t have to use ropes) and lead walls.

During your first visit, one of our crew will provide you with a brief orientation that will help you get started.



Walltopia Climbing Center offers several different climbing areas, each one designed for all levels of experience.

Beginners are welcome and no experience is required to climb the autobelays or the boulders.


Intro to Climbing Course

Walltopia lead climbing course

Lead Climbing Course

Elitsa Pavlova

Climbing Knots



Personal training session

Group training session

Петя Гърбова

Boulder Training

Climbing for kids

Get over 1 100 BGN in services with the

 annual membership card’s bonuses


  • Annual Funtopia membership card for 299 BGN.
  • 12 entries for your friends within a year for 240 BGN.*
  • Free parking for your visit for 384 BGN.*
  • Towel for your visit for 192 BGN.*
  • Walltopia t-shirt for 19 BGN.*

Value of the gifts: 1,134 BGN.


  • Free entry to the Walltopia Birthday Party 1+1
  • Free entry to the Walltopia Christmas Party 1+1


  • 15% LIFETIME discount for loyal customers for renewing the subscription without interruption
  • 20% off on the training session with an instructor for your friend
  • 10% off for celebrating a birthday at Funtopia
  • 10% off for celebrating a birthday at Climb Academy
  • 10% off for the training programs at Climb Academy
  • 10% off at Climbar&Dinner & Opaa Gyros restaurant


  • Freeze your membership for up to 2 months
  • Face recognition

*The calculation of the prices is based on 2 weekly visits for 1 year.

Frequently asked questions

I've never tried climbing. Can I come in and climb?

With your and everyone else’s safety in mind, we require that beginners who have never tried climbing before should first take a class in climbing basics – safety and basic climbing technique. This can be done as an individual training with an instructor at the price of 76 lv per person (including entrance fee). Advance booking is required, please call +359 888 038 835.

Learn more about our climbing classes and courses here.

Can kids come climbing?

Climbing is very natural for children, and we are more than happy to help train new and young climbers. Our experience shows that climbing is a great activity for kids from the age of 3. For the youngest (between 3 and 6 years old) the most suitable are the walls and climbing programs designed especially for little ones at Climb Academy. Check them out here or contact our colleagues from the academy at or +359 888 038 835.

Older children (6+ years old) can visit the big hall in group trainings for children, individual trainings with an instructor or with an adult with experience in climbing (which we will have to check). Learn more here.

For all young climbers aged 6 to 18, a parent or guardian is required to sign a declaration, which you can complete online here or on site in the gym.

Do you do kids birthday parties?

Oh yeah! And it’s a lot of fun!

We make birthday parties for the little ones at Climb Academy, and also in the big climbing hall for children over 6-7 years old.
The options are birthday packages lasting 2 hours (1 hour of games and fun challenges based on climbing plus 1 hour of food and drinks in the party room), or 1 hour of climbing in the big hall and food and drinks that you can organize in our restaurant Climbar&Dinner .
Pre-registration and deposit required, call us for more information at +359 888 038 835.

If you haven’t heard of Funtopia, now is the time to tell you that they organize amazing birthdays with climbing, jumping, ninja courses, escape room, slides and trampolines! Check out the Funtopia birthday packages.

Can I climb by myself or do I need a partner to climb or take a class?

Yes – you can climb by yourself or take a single class with an instructor. Climbing is a sport that enhances mindfulness as it requires all your attention and presence in the moment leaving no room for daily struggles. Climbing also is a very social sport that creates a great community over a common interest and challenge. Come and try yourself.

Learn more here.

How can I book training class with an instructor?

Just call us at +359 888 038 835 to book a class at a time convenient for you. Please note that advance booking is required as we do not have available instructors at all times, so give us heads up a day in advance.

The price for individual training session with an instructor is 76 lv. which includes gym entrance fee. There is a discount for small groups of 2 and more people. Please refer to the ‘Pricelist: Courses and training’ section for further info.

If you already have membership and would like to take a single class for skills improvement, you have 20% discount for the training session.

What equipment do I need?

Comfortable sports wear and enthusiasm will suit the purpose.

Rental climbing gear and shoes are available in the gym. Check out our price list here.

Climbing shoes are recommended but beginners can also start with comfortable sneakers

What are auto-belays?

The auto-belay is a system that allows you to climb without a belay partner. Just clip it on your harness and start climbing. We are equipped with 18 auto-belays in our climbing gym.

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