1700 sq meters climbing surface

Walltopia Climbing & Fitness is the biggest climbing gym in Bulgaria with its 1731 m² climbing area. The main focus of the gym is rope climbing (1455 m²) with walls ranging from 13 to 19 m in the highest part of the gym. 276 m² bouldering area fills up the rest of the climbing gym, as well as a training room with campus board, hang boards, system board, Moon board and other training gear.

Walltopia Climbing & Fitness is impressive with its design, height and innovations such as LED holds and mobile application for choosing and sharing routes.

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Working Hours

 Weekdays Weekend and holidays
07:00 – 23:00 h 10:00 – 22:00 h

Price list

Memberships and passes
Daily pass: 15 lv. (unlimited access within the whole day)
Daily pass before 16:00 h: 12 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM)

1 Month Membership (unlimited access): 80 lv.

1 Month Membership before 4:00 PM: 64 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

3 Months Membership (unlimited access): 93 lv.

3 Months Membership before 4:00 PM: 154 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

3 Months Membership (unlimited access): 93 lv.

3 Months Membership before 4:00 PM: 154 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

1 Year Membership (unlimited access): 672 lv.

10Visit Pass (within 1 year): 113 lv.

10Visits Pass before 4:00 PM: 95 lv. (entrance weekdays before 4:00 PM)

Kids memberships (12 yrs and under)
Kids daily pass: 11 lv. (unlimited within a day)
Kids daily pass before 4 pm: 9 lv. (weekdays before 4 pm))

1 Month Kids Membership (unlimited access): 60 lv.

1 Month Kids Membership before 4:00 PM: 48 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

3 Months Kids Membership (unlimited access): 145 lv.

3 Months Kids Membership before 4:00 PM: 115 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

6 Months Kids Membership (unlimited access): 270 lv.

6 Months Kids Membership before 4:00 PM: 216 lv. (entrance on weekdays before 4:00 PM.)

10-Visit Kids Pass (within 1 year): 85 lv.

10-Visit Kids Pass before 4:00 PM: 71 lv. (entrance weekdays before 4:00 PM)

Courses and training

Trial climbing lesson (10 min – only once): 5 lv.

Individual training (1 hour): 34 lv. (including daily pass; advance booking is required, please call)

Individual training for members (1 hour): 19 lv. (advance booking is required, please call)

Beginners Climbing Course (8 training sessions with an instructor + 2 individual training sessions within 1 month): 240 lv.

Group Climbing Classes for children (Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM). The training is in cooperation with Sports Club 42. Entrance pass should be paid for every kid as listed in the pricelist under Membership and Passes, along with a 12 lv fee per training which is paid on the spot to the Sports Club before the training. Climbing gear is included in the price. Climbing shoes are a subject to additional charge.

Rope: 10 lv.
Belay device: 4 lv.
Harness: 2 lv.
Climbing Shoes: 6 lv.

Gear for climbing duo: 25 lv. (1 rope, 1 belay device, 2 harnesses, 2 pairs of climbing shoes)


With everyone’s maximum safety in mind, we oversee the following procedure before letting anyone climb on their own: Every visitor has to past a one-time belay test when they first come to the gym. Within a few minutes our staff will assess the belaying skills of the climber and will determine whether they are allowed to climb on autobelay, top rope or lead climb. Any customer who does not have the necessary skills are allowed to climb with an instructor – booking in advance is required – or as a part of an organized climbing class. Please respect the safety rules and the staff instructions so that everyone’s time in the climbing gym can result in a positive experience and good time.

Find Us

Address: 111 V Tsarigradsko shose Blvd., Sofia Tech Park

Phone.: 0888 038 835

e-mail: climbing@walltopia.com